Student Debt Campaign Takes Off

Student debt in this country exceeds total credit card debt.  In a few months, total student loan debt will exceed a trillion dollars.  That’s $1,000,000,000,000.  The height of a stack of one trillion one dollar bills would reach more than one quarter of the way from the earth to the moon. This is not just a crisis for our students and their current and future families; it has the potential to be the next “bubble” that undermines our economy.  PHENOM is starting a campaign to highlight this problem and to explore solutions.

We invite you to participate in the first two parts of the campaign.

First, we are screening a great 27-minute film called Default: the Student Loan DocumentaryThe first showing will be held at UMass Amherst October 18, and other campuses are organizing screenings as well.  Contact us if you would like to arrange a screening and discussion.

Then, on November 2, starting at 12:30, PHENOM will hold a street action in Boston’s financial district to highlight the crisis, how some are profiting from it, and what we should be doing about it.  Exact details to be announced, but save the date!  It will be fun, dramatic, and memorable!  Contact us if you would like to help stage or organize for this action.