PHENOM supports Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Boston, Occupy Springfield, Occupy.…!

PHENOM supports the protests across the country that are calling attention to political and economic systems that unfairly reward the wealthy at the expense of everyone else and are contributing to high levels of unemployment and economic insecurity.

The unifying message of the protests is that financial and political institutions must be held accountable for the excesses that led to the current economic crisis, the struggles of the middle class and the growing wealth gap in the United States.

In our work for affordable, accessible, quality public higher education, we see all too clearly how we — students, faculty, staff – are the 99%.  It is the 1% who support privatization, who use “austerity” as a tool to drive up student costs and undermine workers’ rights, and who care more for profit than quality education for all.  If it weren’t for our country’s wars and regressive tax policies, we would not only have money for quality education for all; we would be able to make public higher education free, just like K-12 is.  PHENOM is proud to be part of the upsurge of the 99% fighting for social and economic justice.

PHENOM believes:

    • Strong unions are needed to defend the interests of our students, many of whom are not able to reach their full potential because of the lack of necessary resources and supports in their schools and communities.
    • A strong student movement, working with our allies, is vital in the fight to hold corporations and politicians accountable for how their policies affect working men and women.
    • A powerful unified grassroots movement is needed to defend the interests of students, future students, faculty and staff – all of whom have been under attack by the 1% seeking to maximize profit.
    • Progressive tax reforms are needed to make sure the wealthy are paying their fair share and to guarantee adequate funding for education and other public services that are essential to the successful functioning of our democracy.

We encourage PHENOM supporters to participate in peaceful protest actions that call attention to these inequities and that seek reform of the financial regulations, budgetary priorities, campaign finance rules and tax codes that so handsomely reward the 1 percent at the expense of the remaining 99 percent.