Public Higher Ed Day! – April 8, 2009

The April 8 Rally and State House Day for Public Higher Education will be PHENOM’s biggest event ever.  The theme: “Now, More than Ever, Is the Time to Invest in Public Higher Education”.

You see it every day on your campus and in your community:  Fewer people are working; more people are applying to public colleges; yesterday’s skills are insufficient for tomorrow’s jobs; and what a high school diploma meant 2 generations ago is what a college degree means today.  President Obama and members of Congress get it, but our state’s politicians haven’t yet caught on.

Now is the time to educate them and show them that the people of Massachusetts understand and demand change.

And now is the time to start organizing to make April 8 as large and powerful as possible. It begins at 10 AM and will end no later than 3 PM.  Part of the time will be spent going to legislators’ offices; part will be a rally and march near the State House.  All of it will be exciting.  A detailed schedule for the day is being developed.

You can use the attached flier or make your own with information specific to your campus or community.

Please consider the following ideas

  • For some teachers, it makes sense to bring their whole class – it will be truly educational.
  • Sign people up by tabling, in cafeterias, in classes, by email, with Facebook, by going door to door in dorms, etc., etc.  Get commitments….do reminders….raffle off prizes….make it fun!
  • Administrators should be asked to fund buses and lunches, and ask faculty to not penalize students and staff who come.
  • Community organizations should encourage anyone who has attended, might attend, or is facing barriers to attending college to come.
  • Student governments should reach out to all student groups on campus to encourage participation. Coalitions of students, staff, and faculty should hold an event on campus prior to April 8 to raise awareness. Campus unions should encourage attendance and facilitate student organizing in classes.
  • Every group should bring a banner, signs, puppets, or anything else to identify themselves and make a visual impact.
  • Reach out to high school students, friends, family, and others who care about public higher education.

Write about what you are doing on your campus or in your community, and we will share it with everyone.