Call-In Day a Success

Close to 1,000 people made calls to their legislators and the Governor on or about February 26 — with several more campuses planning to hold their call-in day at a later time.  Our messages were simple, loud, and clear:

Now more than ever — this is the time to invest in public higher education!

Higher education must get its fair share of the federal stimulus funds and they should be used to minimize the need for layoffs and fee increases!

Help is urgently needed for our campus operating budgets and for need-based financial aid!

Each campus that participated had their own approach to the call-in day, but pizza, cell phones, determination were the most common components.  Many people who called had never done such a thing before and had to overcome a lot of nervousness to do so.  Congratulations to all who participated, and especially the people who helped organize and staff the call-in days.