PHENOM Hits DC, Next on to California

From PHENOM’s 2015/16 Newsletter:

On December 1, 2015, the Center for American Progress hosted “Exploring the Geography of Student Debt: How States and Municipalities Can Act.” This was an opportunity for PHENOM to share its work to a broader audience.

PHENOM was invited to discuss our work with Raise Up Massachusetts on the Fair Share Amendment campaign and our free public higher education campaign. We received some great feedback about our campaign from participants, who included livestream viewers.

That afternoon, PHENOM’s Executive Director met with activists from a number of states who are tackling the crisis of affordability of higher education at both the state and municipal level. In January, Generation Progress released a report: We Can’t Afford To Wait: How States and Municipalities Can Help Curtail the Student Debt Crisis, which laid out a number of the solutions we are implementing in our own communities. At the next General Assembly Meeting, we will discuss a number of these projects and how we can work them into our three-year campaign.

In April 2016, PHENOM’s President, Kimberly Selwitz, and Executive Director, Natalie Higgins, will be traveling to the National Education Association’s Higher Education Conference in San Diego, California to present a workshop on the collaborations in our Campus Chapters between students and union members.