TOMORROW we kick off PHENOM’s 10 Days to $10K Fundraiser! And next week PHENOM heads to DC!

We have so much to be thankful for here at PHENOM! We’ve had a PHENOMenal Fall between our Forum on the Crisis of Affordability of Higher Education to our Expanding Access to Higher Education Conference, and collecting over 1,500 signatures for the Fair Share Amendment to raise $1.5 Billion for public education and transportation!


But we’re not done yet!


TOMORROW we launch our 10 Days to $10K Challenge and we already have a lot of PHENOMenal members fundraising for us, but we need to have 100 to meet our goal! Will you join them and take the Challenge to raise $100 for PHENOM? Together we’ll build a movement for free public higher education in Massachusetts!


Thanks to one of our supporters — we have a $5,000 match opportunity. That means the first $5,000 we raise will be DOUBLED! You can start donating now and set up your own fundraising page at!


Save the Dates!


Tuesday December 1st, 10:00-11:30AM — PHENOM heads to DC! Our Executive Director, Natalie Higgins, will be a panelist on Exploring the Geography of Student Debt: How States and Municipalities Can Act. This event is being organized by the Center for American Progress. Be sure to bookmark the link to watch the livestream on Tuesday!
Saturday December 5th, 12:00-3:00PM @ Quinsigamond Community College — PHENOM’s Winter General Assembly Meeting — Join us to celebrate the end of our 10 Days to $10K Challenge and help us plan the details of our three-year campaign for free public higher education! RSVP to this email, so we can prepare food and materials.