Stop the Layoffs at Bristol Community College

Laying off 130 workers will be devastating for student academic support services.

Photo: PHENOM BCC Chapter Organizers. (PHENOM)

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To: Bristol Community College President and Board of Trustees

Bristol Community College President Laura Douglas must halt her proposed layoffs of more than 130 campus employees.

These staff reductions and other program cuts will hurt countless students making the difficult transition to remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The layoffs eliminate important tutoring and academic support services that must remain in place through the final month of the semester and beyond.

The layoffs unfairly target lower paid employees and thrust them into unnecessary economic uncertainty.

Rather than retrench at this time, President Douglas needs to be bolstering staff to ensure student success and to position BCC for its vital role in repairing the economic damage caused by the pandemic.

I urge President Douglas and campus leaders to join public higher education advocates who are demanding additional federal funding support during this economic crisis.

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