How to Support the MA Safe Communities Act

Quick scripts for contacting your legislators.

Photo: February 1 Rally in support of the Safe Communities Act. (Zac Bears/PHENOM)

The MA Safe Communities Act would protect the civil rights of all state residents by making sure our tax dollars are not used to help the Trump administration deport immigrant families or to create a Muslim registry. PHENOM formally endorsed the Safe Communities Act on January 31.

The Safe Communities Act would (1) ensure no state support for a Muslim registry, (2) protect basic due process rights, (3) ensure that police resources are used to fight crime and not to separate Massachusetts families, and (4) prohibit any agreements that allow the Department of Homeland Security to deputize local officers as immigration agents.

Please contact your state legislators and urge them to cosponsor the Safe Communities Act, sponsored by Senator Jamie Eldridge (SD.1596) and Representative Juana Matias (HD.3052).

The co-sponsors deadline is THIS FRIDAY, February 3, 2017. We need this bill to pass, and we also urge you to ask your senators and reps to co-sponsor the Finish Line Grant one year of free public higher education bill.

Quick and Easy Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Find the phone number for your State Senator and State Rep
                 Find them here: 
  2. Call their offices 
  3. Use this script to ask them to support the Safe Communities Act and Finish Line Grant:

    Good morning/afternoon. My name is _________. I am a constituent of Senator/Representative __________. I’m calling on behalf of PHENOM, the Public Higher Education Network of Massachusetts, to ask the Senator/Rep to cosponsor two bills.

    First, please sponsor the Safe Communities Act, docket numbers SD 1596 and HD 3052, which would protect the civil rights of all Massachusetts residents by making sure our tax dollars aren’t used to separate families or create a Muslim registry. 

    Second, please sponsor the Finish Line Grant, docket numbers HD 3443 and SD2041, which would provide one year free of tuition and fees to students who are struggling to complete their degrees at any public community college, state university, or UMass campus. 

    Can I count on the Senator/Representatives support for these two bills?Thank you for supporting these two bills. We need to protect our immigrant and Latino communities from dangerous federal policies now more than ever, and we need to help young people and students across the state get to the Finish Line and graduate from college with their degrees.