Public Higher Ed News Weekly Recap


Here are just a sampling of the public higher ed news stories of the last week. What are your reactions? Use the comment section below.


Student Nation: It’s Time for Everyone to Come Our of the Debt Closet

NPR: Florida Limits Student Borrowing

Forbes comments on the American Enterprise Institute’s new report, Untapped Potential

Inside Higher Ed discusses higher ed ballot initiatives across the country.

Wisconsin is holding a forum to address affordability, quality and access in its public higher ed system

Tackling Student Debt in Maine

The average published annual tuition at a four-year state university – considered the most affordable way to get a degree – has shot up 231 percent in the past 30 years, from $2,680 to $8,890 in inflation-adjusted figures. Over the same period, the average cost of a home went up 48 percent, and the annual cost of health care went up 54 percent.

How Germany abolished tuition

CUNY, inspiring reinvestment in public higher education

Inside Higher Ed explores “Free College”

The NJ Legislature debates an 8-bill higher education package focusing on affordability and accessibility

Reactions to the CFPB report on private student lenders