PHENOM Update #5: Elizabeth Warren Praises, Access Conference Educates; PHENOM Fundraises

PHENOMenal Words from Senator Elizabeth Warren


Senator Elizabeth Warren had some high praise for PHENOM and its efforts to fight for high-quality, affordable and accessible public higher education.  Check out the video.


Higher Education Access Conference — Mass Bay Community College, November 7, 2015


One of PHENOM’s founding principles is the belief that “All our institutions of public higher education should serve the full range of students in the Commonwealth; for example, neither race, class, disability nor age should serve as a barrier to attending and completing college.”


PHENOM organizer Ferd Wulkan offered this report from the recent Access Conference held at Mass Bay Community College:


Even if higher education were free, there would still be significant obstacles many people would have to overcome in order to attend college. PHENOM is not waiting for college to be free to address them! This was very much in evidence on November 7 at Mass Bay Community College at the conference on Expanding Access to Higher Education. Over 50 people, coming from many community organizations and a majority of our public campuses, spent a whole day identifying barriers, sharing best practices, and coming up with recommendations around Transportation, Students of Color, First Generation Students, Trans and Other GLBTQ Students, Students with Disabilities, Immigrant Students, Students with Children, Low Income Students, and Survivors of Sexual Violence. Stay tuned early next year for a detailed report which will go to legislators, campus administrators, the media, and the public.


Help Build the Campaign for Free Public Higher Education


We’re launching a three-year campaign for free public higher education — but in order to make it successful, we need to increase our capacity and hire additional staff. This grassroots fundraising campaign is an important first step to make this happen.


Thursday November 26th we’re kicking off a 10 Days to $10K Challenge to bring together more than 100 PHENOMenal members to raise $10,000 in just 10 days. Donate and pass the world along!


Thanks to a PHENOMenal anonymous supporter — we are happy to announce that the first $5,000 raised will be matched!


Celebrate and Plan with us at our Winter General Assembly Meeting


Our 10 Days to $10K Challenge wraps up on Saturday December 5th. This just happens to be the date of our Winter General Assembly Meeting. Join us to celebrate the success of our fundraiser, work out the details of our three-year campaign for free higher education in Massachusetts, and fuel up on a delicious lunch. Our Winter GAM will be held at Quinsigamond Community College from 12PM-3PM in Room 107A in the Administration Building. Please RSVP by replying to this email, so we can plan appropriately for food and materials.