PHENOM supports the faculty and staff at the community colleges who are currently engaged in a “work to rule” action, protesting the insufficient progress made at the bargaining table.  They have now worked over 4 months without a contract.  Represented by the Massachusetts Community College Council (MCCC/MTA), many of these campuses are now on “Work to Rule,” which means refusing to do extra work above and beyond what is contractually required of them.  While this may be an inconvenience to some students in the short run, a good contract will lead to a better education and campus environment for all.

One of PHENOM’s 5 founding principles is to: “Honor and expand democratic institutions of governance in public higher education.”  Unions are an essential component of a healthy democratic campus.  Proper pay, benefits and working conditions for faculty and staff are critical to providing quality education to students.  Working together in PHENOM, thousands of union members and students have come to see that their interests coincide.  Good working conditions are indeed good learning conditions.  And affordable and accessible campuses allow students to be fully engaged, leading to more satisfying work lives for staff and faculty.
PHENOM chapters will support the MCCC members on their campuses in the fight for a fair contract.