With the June 2013 annual meeting, PHENOM reorganized its structure to encourage more organizing on campuses and in communities, while continuing to be effective in our statewide work.

Membership now requires active involvement in PHENOM’s work at a chapter or the statewide level, rather than a dues payment.

Chapters are defined as six or more members who meet on a regular basis, organize around issues consistent with PHENOM’s principles, and includes students or individuals denied access to higher education.

PHENOM’s new General Assembly consists of all members and is responsible for directing the operation of the organization and certifying chapters. It meets at least 4 times per year.

PHENOM’s Board of Directors consists of eight very dedicated members responsible for monitoring and coordinating PHENOM’s work, implementing PHENOM’s policies in between General Assembly meetings, and holding PHENOM staff accountable to the membership.

The following people were elected to serve as an Interim Board until October 6, 2013, when the General Assembly will elect a board for the remainder of the 2013-14 year:

  • President – Joshua Catanzaro
  • Vice President – Colleen Avedikian
  • Treasurer – Max Page
  • Clerk – Andriana Foiles-Cifuentes


  • Communications Team Leader – Brittany Haughton
  • Fundraising Team leader – Gillian Mason
  • Legislative Team Leader – Ken Haar
  • Organizing/Training Team Leader – Nicole Villar Hernandez