PHENOM joins RUM as it officially launches the Fair Share Amendment Campaign

“When education is made unaffordable you severely limit the upward mobility of the most vulnerable segments of our population. Education for me is the only way I can create a better life for myself and family,” said Lynn resident Marven-rhode Hyppolite. “Many families are working two jobs and long hours for very little and are forced to make sacrifices in order to survive. Education should not and cannot be one of those sacrifices. This amendment will address some of these issues head on, and will give those of us who cannot afford the cost of public higher education a chance to better our lives.”

The Raise Up Mass Campaign has officially launched the Fair Share Amendment Campaign. We are thrilled that one of our members, Marven-rhode Hyppolite, was one of the original ten signers. Follow these links to learn more about the campaign and see the full press release. Stay tuned — our Campus Chapters will be hosting signature gathering trainings in the first weeks of September.