MassLive: Reports on the Anticipated Release of “Causes and Consequences”

MassLive’s Diane Lederman recently covered a rally against student debt, and mentioned the anticipated release of Causes and Consequences of Mounting Student Debt in Massachusetts on April 25th. Here’s an excerpt:

The Public Higher Education Network of Massachusetts, meanwhile, will release what it is calling “startling new research” on the causes and consequences of the student debt crisis in the state, according to the release.

That report will be released on the group’s website on Saturday.  Anastasia Wilson, a Ph.D. candidate in economics, has created the report and the education network will be releasing statistics throughout the week.

“In Massachusetts, unlike most other states, a higher proportion of public college students graduate with debt than their peers at private institutions. Moreover, the cost of attending public 4-year institutions more than doubled between 1987 and 2010,” a press release stated.

Excerpted from: Rally against student debt fails to draw any UMass students