PHENOM Members Join National Protests

Our members could be found as far away as Washington last weekend.

The protests on January 20 and 21 presented a profound and clear message to the Donald Trump administration: we are watching and we will stop you. PHENOM members could be found at January 20th protests and Women’s Marches across the country.

It was amazing to stand in solidarity with millions of people in the US and around the world and in opposition to the dangerous Donald Trump billionaire agenda for our country and for public higher education. This is only the beginning of our work.

We need to channel this energy into positive action! Join PHENOM at our Advocacy Day on March 1 to advocate for a high-quality, debt-free public higher education system. Register at and then join our Facebook event here.

Here is an image from the Boston and Washington D.C. marches on January 21, followed by more pictures of PHENOM members at marches in Boston and Washington!

Boston Common during the Boston Women’s March (via CNN)
Women’s March on Washington (Courtesy of Southern Poverty Law Center/Facebook)

PHENOM Members Take America

Stephanie Houten, PHENOM-MassArt’s student organizer, has been instrumental in planning actions since the November election. Here’s a photo of their banners and art installations from anti-Trump protests on January 20th. (Courtesy of Abby Neale/Flickr)

Boston Common Protest on January 20, 2017. (Courtesy of Abby Neale/Flickr)

PHENOM Board President Kim Selwitz made the trek to Washington, D.C. to participate in the Women’s March on Washington.

(Courtesy of Kim Selwitz)

PHENOM Board Member and Organizing Team Leader Amy Blanchette was at the Boston March with many of her friends and community allies from Fall River! The Fall River Herald News put together a great piece covering their journey from Fall River to Boston for the march.

Erica Scott-Pacheco, Nadia Rebello, and PHENOM Board Member Amy Blanchette. (Courtesy of Erica Scott-Pacheco)
At the Make Way for Ducklings Statue with the PHENOM banner. (Courtesy of Nadia Rebello)

Board Member Max Page took this photo with members of the MTA and took this great 360 shot of the whole crowd (click to expand):

(Courtesy of Max Page)

Mass. Teachers Association (MTA) President Barbara Madeloni was at the Boston March with hundreds of allies supporting fully funded public higher education! Check out this video: