Cool Stuff from the Campaign for the Future of Higher Education

Campaign for the Future of Higher EducationThe Campaign for the Future of Higher Education (CFHE) is a national campaign that examines and fights against the corporatization and privatization of public higher education.  4 PHENOM members attended CFHE’s most recent national gathering and came away inspired.  For instance, we learned that Washington, Minnesota and California all had victories similar to ours last year – increased funding to public campuses tied to a freeze in student costs.

CFHE has issued a number of very valuable papers that have received significant media attention.  Please take a look at papers on various funding options, aspects of on-line education, and more.

The next CFHE meeting is May 16-18 in Albany.  PHENOM hopes to have a strong presence and to continue having some influence on our growing national movement for equity, access, and democracy in higher education.