PHENOM Committees

PHENOM has four committees that function as our core working groups. Get involved now!

PHENOM has four committees that help to guide our decision-making and build our organizational strategy. These committees include the Legislative Committee, the Organizing Committee, the Communications Committee, and the Fundraising Committee. 

Each committee is chaired by up to four elected co-chairs who sit on PHENOM’s board. In addition to the co-chairs, PHENOM Members and Member Organizers can join any of the committees. By joining a committee, you can become part of PHENOM’s core decision-making team! The roles, responsibilities, and co-chairs of our 2019 committees are listed below. 

The Legislative Committee: 


The PHENOM Legislative Committee is tasked with identifying and tracking legislation that aligns with PHENOM’s mission and guiding principles. The Legislative Committee determines PHENOM’s Legislative Agenda and our asks for our annual Public Higher Education Advocacy Day. The Legislative Committee also tracks the movement of bills on PHENOM’s Legislative Agenda and is responsible for updating PHENOM staff, Member Organizers, and Members about legislation. If you are interested in public higher education funding and legislation, the Legislative Committee is for you!  

The Organizing Committee: 


The PHENOM Organizing Committee is responsible for driving the grassroots organizing across the state. Alongside the Organizing Director, the Organizing Committee produces campus and community field plans. The Organizing Committee also tracks and manages PHENOM membership lists as we seek to engage higher education stakeholders across the Commonwealth.  Additionally, the Organizing Committee provides a space for regular updates on PHENOM’s fieldwork. If you’re interested in creatively building and expanding the work of PHENOM chapters and members, the Organizing Committee is for you! 

The Communications Committee: 


The PHENOM Communications Committee is tasked with driving our external and internal communications for PHENOM. For external communications, the Communications Committee produces bi-weekly newsletters, content for PHENOM social media, and updates for our website. Internally, the PHENOM Communications Committee is responsible for sharing regular PHENOM updates with staff, member organizers, and our Board. If you’re interested in driving PHENOM’s narrative, the Communications Committee is for you!  

The Fundraising Committee: 


The Fundraising Committee is responsible for driving PHENOM’s financial development initiatives. The Fundraising Committee writes and implements plans for maintaining PHENOM budgets through grants and individual sustainers. If you are interested in learning more about non-profit budget management and development, the Fundraising Committee is for you!