Public Higher Education Advocacy Day is March 4th!
We’ve entered an exciting time for public higher education! President Obama just proposed free community college. We have a number of bills introduced at the state level focused on providing some form of free public higher education.

Now is the time for all of us to come together (students, staff, faculty, alumni, administrators, and the larger community) to demand better support for public higher education in Massachusetts. Higher education must be recognized as a public good, not a privilege for a select few!

Join us March 4th for a day of action, as we advocate for better funded, more affordable and accessible, quality public higher education in Massachusetts. Please register if you’ll be joining us on Advocacy Day, follow this link:




PHENOM'S Campus Chapter Initiative
PHENOM is excited to announce a new partnership with the Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA). PHENOM will be providing stipends to MTA members on at least eight campuses to coordinate and maintain PHENOM chapters at institutions of public higher education across Massachusetts. Funding will also be available for a Student Organizer on the campus.

PHENOM chapters engage the campus community in advocating for accessible, affordable, and well-funded public higher education through involvement in statewide and campus-based education, organizing, and advocacy. Campus Organizers must make a commitment through Spring 2016 and will receive support and guidance from PHENOM’s staff and the entire cohort of campus organizers.

PHENOM is excited to strengthen its relationships with its constituencies and increase its presence on campuses and in communities across the state. This will ensure increased and more effective advocacy for the accessibility and affordability of quality public higher education in Massachusetts.

PHENOM will begin announcing our new Campus Chapters on this page. Stay tuned for kick-off advocacy events in January 2015. If you are interested in starting or getting involved with a PHENOM Campus Chapter, email PHENOM’s Executive Director, Natalie Higgins at nhiggins@phenomonline.org.

Campus Organizer Job Posting 

Student Organizer Job Posting

PHENOM is the Public Higher Education Network of Massachusetts. PHENOM unites students, faculty, staff, alumni, and others from community colleges, state universities, the UMass campuses, and the broader community to advocate for better funded, affordable and accessible public higher education in Massachusetts.

PHENOM understands that our ability to create the kind of higher education system Massachusetts deserves depends on bringing students, faculty, staff, alumni and other stakeholders from all the state’s public college and university campuses together around five basic principles:

  1. Fund public higher education so it can serve the Commonwealth.
  2. Make higher education affordable.
  3. Make higher education accessible to all.
  4. Hire more teachers, researchers, and staff.
  5. Honor and expand democratic institutions of governance for public higher education.

The 500,000 people who make up the Massachusetts public higher education community are the sleeping giant of Massachusetts politics. By mobilizing a large and engaged grassroots network, PHENOM is waking up this sleeping giant so we can get the resources to create the public higher education system we and our children deserve.


PHENOM supports President Obama’s call for accessible, free community college

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 9, 2015 Contact: Natalie Higgins (978-227-8473, nhiggins@phenomonline.org); Max Page (413-219-7633, milomaximpage@gmail.com).   PHENOM supports President Obama’s call for accessible, free community college   PHENOM (the Public Higher Education Network of Massachusetts) applauds President Obama’s proposal for free community college, which recognizes that college has become as necessary …

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