Apr 16

“The Education Department has a profit motive”

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the federal government will make a profit of $127 billion over the next ten years from lending to college students and their families.  This article in the Huffington Post not only describes the extreme impact on borrowers and the economy as a whole, but outlines some refinancing …

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Mar 07

Free Community College? Try Tennessee!

The Republican Governor of Tennessee has proposed that 2 years of community college or technical school should be free for all students.  Under Governor Haslam’s proposal, free access would not be dependent on grades or finances – think free high school.  Even for students who pay little or nothing, eliminating tuition and fees is financially …

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Feb 10

Higher Ed Advocacy Day – March 5, 2014

Hundreds of students, faculty, staff and other advocates for public higher education will be at the State House Wed., March 5 to talk with our legislators.  SIGN UP HERE! Download the beautiful flier! Last year’s Advocacy Day succeeded in winning the best higher education budget in a very very long time …

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Feb 04

Cool Stuff from the Campaign for the Future of Higher Education

The Campaign for the Future of Higher Education (CFHE) is a national campaign that examines and fights against the corporatization and privatization of public higher education.  4 PHENOM members attended CFHE’s most recent national gathering and came away inspired.  For instance, we learned that Washington, Minnesota and California all had victories similar to …

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Jan 27

PHENOM Hiring an Executive Director

PHENOM is hiring an Executive Director who will have overall strategic and operational responsibility for PHENOM’s staff, programs, expansion, and execution of its mission. Please see the full job posting and details of how to apply. Applications must be submitted by February 28, 2014 for priority consideration.  Please send this along to anyone you …

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Jan 20

Sign the Petition for Free Public Higher Education!

According to the Campaign for America’s Future,  ”It would cost less for the government to make all public universities tuition-free than what the government already spends on the patchwork of financial aid programs it currently supports.” According to a recent accounting taken by the U.S. Dept. of Education, the cost of making college free is …

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Jan 07

Free Public HIgher Education is Feasible!

This article in The Atlantic makes the case.  “With what the federal government spent on its various and sundry student aid initiatives last year, it could have covered the tuition bill of every student at every public college in the country. Doing so might have required cutting off financial aid at Yale, Amherst, …

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Dec 17

Updated data about Massachusetts public higher education

Despite last year’s significant increase in state appropriations and the accompanying freeze in tuition and mandatory fees, Massachusetts public colleges and universities are still significantly underfunded and expensive compared to most other states.  This data comes from a variety of sources and may be useful in advocates’ work as we …

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Nov 25

Performance Funding (guess what? it doesn’t work)

It’s all the buzz.  Just say the words and the Gates Foundation will give you money.  Say them twice and you’ll have some legislators swooning over you.  Look at the Vision Project and it’s all about funding campuses according to how well they do at meeting certain goals.  But check out this

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Nov 14

PHENOM Recommendations to Higher Education Funding Commission

The 2013-14 budget passed by the Legislature includes the establishment of a commission to examine options and make recommendations regarding the funding of public higher education in Massachusetts.  The Commission is to complete its work by June 2014.  PHENOM looks forward to working with the Commission, and has begun by making a …

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